Coastal Crane Works

Safe and quality service with a dedication to customer satisfaction

Rooftop Delivery

HVAC Units, Compressors and Cooling Towers

Tree Removal

In concert with Coastal Tree Works we crane assist in arboriculture


Trusses, I-Beams, Shingles, Panel Assembly, and anything in between

Building Repairs

Manbasket services available for sign work, handyman jobs and more

Painting & Aesthetics

Manbasket services available for lights, touchups, repairs and more

Hot Tub Delivery

Sometimes the most relaxing part is letting us do the heavy lifting


Areas Served

View Royal
Oak Bay


Hours of service:

Monday – Saturday 7AM – 5PM

24/7 emergency services available



30 Ton, 110′ stick plus 30-55′ extendable jib. Flat deck for lifting & transporting goods from site to site. 

No Project Too Big Or Too Small

Our Crane Company Offers Crane Services and Crane Rentals With Certified Crane Operators for Commercial and Residential Lifts in Greater Victoria. We serve anywhere south of Shawnigan Lake with 24/7 crane service.

What sets us apart from other crane companies? We are a proud family owned and operated crane company offering crane services & rental with goals for creating long-lasting relationships with all of our customers. It’s all about you!

Our crane services, anywhere south of Sooke, Shawnigan & Sidney come staffed with professional crane operators who are highly qualified, extremely collaborative, and always friendly. At Coastal Crane Works we are client centric and everyone from the receptionist, to billing, to our crane operators are compelled and thrilled to do whatever it takes to make the customer happy. To that end we are looking forward to your call, and to your service.

When you have pride in what you do, a family name to protect, and excel at operating cranes, you have a winning combination that shows in the quality of the work you do as well as the value of service you provide. Let Coastal Crane Works bring their experience and pride to your worksite so you can experience the difference.

Pride and Pedigree Matters to Us and You. Call us to truly see the Difference!

Deep Community Roots

Involvement in your community, engaging its members, and giving builds a family. It fosters and builds the creative skills that really hold a village together. We want to be that glue.

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